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def processor_count case RbConfig::CONFIG['host_os'] when /darwin9/ `hwprefs cpu_count`.to_i when /darwin/ ((`which hwprefs` != '') ? `hwprefs thread_count` : `sysctl -n hw.ncpu`).to_i when /linux/ `cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep processor | wc -l`.to_i when /freebsd/ `sysctl -n hw.ncpu`.to_i when /mswin|mingw/ require 'win32ole' wmi = WIN32OLE.connect("winmgmts://") cpu = wmi.ExecQuery("select NumberOfCores from Win32_Processor") # TODO count hyper-threaded in this cpu.to_enum.first.NumberOfCores end end Rainbows! do use :ThreadPool client_max_body_size 100*1024*1024 # 100 Megabytes worker_processes processor_count worker_connections 32 timeout 600 # 10 minutes listen "unix:/var/run/neocities/neocities.sock", :backlog => 2048 pid "/var/run/neocities/neocities.pid" stderr_path "/var/log/neocities/neocities.log" stdout_path "/var/log/neocities/neocities.log" preload_app true before_fork do |server, worker| old_pid = "/var/run/neocities/neocities.pid.oldbin" if File.exists?(old_pid) && server.pid != old_pid begin Process.kill("QUIT", File.read(old_pid).to_i) rescue Errno::ENOENT, Errno::ESRCH # someone else did our job for us end end end after_fork do |server, worker| DB.disconnect end end